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Who is Aqua Mob?

Aqua Mob is New Orleans' first and only community-based water ballet ensemble. Open to all, Aqua Mob's mission is to make the joy of producing aquatic theater accessible to adults from all backgrounds.
The Pelican Bomb found Aqua Mob's 2017 debut performance of Two Legs Bad (based on George Orwell's Animal Farm) “resemble[d] a combination of Olympic gymnastics routines and Jurassic Park” and that the “violent circus . . .is a reminder of the . . .absolute farce of tyranny.”
We strive to meet this standard with each production! Through the years we have continued to tackle dystopian and horror themes with our interpretations of The Last Unicorn, Watership Down, Suspiria and Alien.

Carrie: Blood in the Water

Carrie: Blood in the Water is a Aqua Mob's sixth production. Continuing our tradition of adapting dystopian and horror themes to the aquatic stage, Carrie explores the pain, triumph, and tragedy of a telekinetically gifted teenage girl.

an actress

Photo by Raymond Rehage

swimmers in the pool

Photo by Eli Mergel

swimmers in the pool

Photo by Raymond Rehage


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September 28-30
October 5-7

It's official, we have our show dates! Shows will be held each night September 28-30 and October 5-7.
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