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Who is Aqua Mob?

Aqua Mob is New Orleans' first and only community-based water ballet ensemble. Open to all, Aqua Mob's mission is to make the joy of producing aquatic theater accessible to adults from all backgrounds.
The Pelican Bomb found Aqua Mob's 2017 debut performance of Two Legs Bad (based on George Orwell's Animal Farm) “resemble[d] a combination of Olympic gymnastics routines and Jurassic Park” and that the “violent circus . . .is a reminder of the . . .absolute farce of tyranny.”
We strive to meet this standard with each production! Through the years we have continued to tackle dystopian and horror themes with our interpretations of The Last Unicorn, Watership Down, Suspiria and Alien.

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Photo by Raymond Rehage

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swimmers in the pool

Photo by Raymond Rehage

Our Next Show

Drowned Before Dawn,
an Evil Dead Water Ballet

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Aquamob Season 7 is in the Works!
Shows will be held on the
following dates:

Sept 26-28 (Thu-Sat)
October 4-5 (Fri/Sat)
October 7 (Mon)
October 11-12 (Fri/Sat)

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Join us at the Drifter Hotel at
3522 Tulane Ave
New Orleans

for information night.

Wednesday, May 22, 6pm

In The News

Trodding the Boards October 3, 2023
Carrie: Blood in the Water at the Drifter Hotel through October 7

The lifts seem to be more thrilling, the swimming more synchronized, and the ballet for Carrie (Madeline Corcoran) and her prom date Todd (Hilary Neeb) provides a fitting tenderness. Add to all this Daisy Konfused marvelously channeling Piper Laurie as Carrie’s religion-obsessed mother complete with flowing fire red hair; the band The Bomb Pulse pumping out hits from Nirvana and other rock groups that aptly comment on the plot; a lesbian cheerleader water ballet sequence; and an enormous blood-squirting pig (front row–watch out!), and you get an evening of wild fun and athletic accomplishment from a multi-talented cast of over 20.

Aqua Mob brings water ballet adaptation of horror classic 'Carrie' to the Drifter Hotel

New Orleans water ballet group Aqua Mob is set to debut "Carrie: Blood in the Water" at the Drifter Hotel on September 28. Known for their horror-themed performances, the troupe previously adapted "Alien" and "Suspiria." "Carrie," Stephen King's first novel turned 1976 film, follows a bullied teenager with telekinetic powers facing prom humiliation. Aqua Mob's rendition combines synchronized swimming, poolside action, and live music.

Aqua Mob presents a dramatic water ballet based on 'Watership Down' at the Drifter Hotel

Aqua Mob combines synchronized swimming, aerialists, and adaptations of dystopic novels in their performances. Their upcoming show, "Watership Damn!," is a reworking of Richard Adams' "Watership Down." Despite the lighthearted appearance of their performances, Aqua Mob's stories carry dark political undertones. Members of Aqua Mob, including cultural anthropologist Laura-Zoe Humphreys, have been practicing various synchronized swimming moves for their unique adaptations, with some routines requiring improvisation due to the pool's depth constraints.

Aqua Mob’s water ballet strips ’80s fantasy to its core

Aqua Mob, New Orleans' water ballet sensation, presents their latest production, "The Last!" at The Drifter. Departing from traditional water ballet norms, the show is a dance-heavy, spectacle-rich parody of '80s animated musical "The Last Unicorn," featuring circus tricks and dramatic staging. Written and directed by Alayne Gobeille, known for her unconventional productions, "The Last!" tackles darker themes and emphasizes empowerment against oppression. With a focus on strong female and non-gender-conforming leads, the show promises a visually stunning and politically resonant experience.

Orwell at the Pool: Aqua Mob New Orleans’ “Two Legs Bad” at the Drifter Hotel

Aqua Mob New Orleans staged "Two Legs Bad," a water-ballet adaptation of George Orwell's "Animal Farm." The Pop-Surrealist production, held at the Drifter Hotel, portrays sea creatures overthrowing their human maestro in a satire of power dynamics. The show, resembling an acid trip with Klezmer music and fantastical costumes, explores themes of abuse of power and the farcical nature of tyranny. The author draws parallels between the water ballet's fictional narrative and contemporary politics, questioning the repetitive nature of such power struggles.

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